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A healthy and self-reliant Malawian community

For over 20 years, that has been our vision and dream, and we are committed to seeing it become a reality.

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Our Approach

Mission Statement

To build a knowledgeable and empowered community that is able to identify, plan and solve own problems and actively and tirelessly contribute to national development through on-going community development initiatives.

An Integrative Model

COPRED's seven program focuses are interconnected and interdependent. Improvements in any of the sectors generate a compounding positive impact, increasing the well-being and health of the community and bolstering the strength of the other sectors.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention

We work diligently to increase access to care and treatment to ensure people living with HIV have longer and healthier lives. By leveraging prevention services and educational initiatives, we aim to decrease transmission rates, ensuring a healthier future for Malawians.

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Food and Nutrition Security

From planting to harvesting, we provided season-to-season support to community members to increase food and nutrition security. We provide farming equipment, training programs, clippings and seeds, and other resources to individuals interested in establishing a home garden.


Early Childhood Developement

COPRED is committed to ensuring the next generation has a brighter future ahead. We invest in ECD infrastructure, caregiver educational services, and child protection programs to ensure the safety and well-being of children in our communities. We aim to help children successfully transition from ECD services to formal education.


Enterprise Development

Utilizing a Village Savings and Loan (VSL) model, COPRED catalyzes economic growth and empowers individuals to pursue business ventures.

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Clean Water (WASH)

We approach clean water through the holistic WASH strategy, focusing on water, sanitation, and hygiene to ensure community health. We aim to increase water access points and cultivate healthy sanitation practices. Additionally, we work to improve menstrual hygiene support for women and girls in the community.

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Natural Resource Management

The future of Malawi hinges on caring for our land and managing our resources wisely. COPRED aims to contribute to a sustainable future by planting trees, regenerating forests, and providing educational training on sustainable practices within the community.

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Social Accountability

We believe it will take collaboration to reach our goals. Therefore, we aim to strengthen partnerships and collaboration with the government, FBOs, NGOs, and leaders in the community to provide policy direction as well as financial and material support to the targeted beneficiaries.

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Our Service Areas

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Key Initiatives

Key Initiatives
ECD, Disaster Relief, VSL, HIV Prevention



Key Initiatives
VSL, ECD, Gender Equality, HIV Prevention

Our Funding Needs

Our Goal: $1.1 million over 3 years (2024-2026)

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Our Team

COPRED is led by an experienced and dedicated staff. In addition to paid staff, COPRED has trained 300+ volunteers in communities across Malawi. 

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